Circular Economy

Our team has been a pioneer in incorporating the circular economy into architecture. In 2015 we built in Manhattan, New York a pavilion constructed entirely with recycled material (550 bike wheels, 350 umbrellas, 120 photographer tripods and 60 car wheels); in 2016, we made the first VIP Arco Lounge using 80% material from demolition and in 2018, we managed for the City Council and Community of Madrid a stand of 1500m2 that produced 0 waste because the complete set of the materials used either came from the rental or was the subject of a subsequent transfer managed by our team. You can see these projects in other sections of this website. Our designs systematically think about the entire lifespan, whatever the duration of the projects we undertake. Among the tasks we include in the drafting of projects is the selection, location and logistical control of waste, demolition, recycled, recyclable or low-impact materials. In collaboration with each client and for each project, we carry out strategic planning on the origin of the resources to be used. Circular management strategies are incorporated into the Architecture Project, such as the rental of elements for temporary use or the non-modification of components that can be used later. Some of our projects start negotiating the donation of second life of the elements we are including in the lay out. Our projects also contain proposals for demolition, reuse and relocation of resources that ensure the circularity of products and services.  

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