Public Engagement

As a team, we have demonstrated a strong commitment to citizen participation through small but thoughtful street interventions in different cities. We rely on sociologists with expertise in citizen participation to help us carefully and ethically plan the citizen engagement of each project.  At the International Architecture and Design Festival of Logroño, Concéntrico 08, we designed 100 chairs and 3 urban lounges that encouraged social interaction and the enjoyment of urban space during the event as well as providing empirical data on the least equipped areas of the city according to its users or on the preferences of citizens in the establishment of low-emission areas. For the London Borough of Candem, we implemented the “Bike to School” project, which consisted of a series of participatory workshops in 3 schools with a total of 45 participants between 4 and 14 years old, sometimes accompanied by their families. In these workshops we were able to discover the difficulties and opportunities for making the bicycle a regular vehicle in children’s daily journeys in the city and to collaboratively draw up strategies to gain autonomy, reduce impacts and improve the scenic quality and safety in the neighbourhoods. We also installed rest and parking areas for bicycles in the vicinity of schools and evaluated with a multidisciplinary team the impact on the quality of life of citizens and the contribution to public welfare and the creation of inclusive and accessible spaces. This experience is extensively described in the book “La Ciudad de los Cuidados” published in Spanish by Catarata and in English by Actar.

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