Product Placement and Branding

We have carried out many projects so that different institutions and brands will promote their activity, collective culture and values. Our advice in this area includes collaboration with experts in communication and marketing, individually or through agencies, with sociologists, graphic designers, illustrators, data analysts, museologists or experts in participation or naming. We try to understand in depth the philosophy of each brand and company and draw together a common promotion strategy.

Our designs always share broad environmental and social objectives with their promoters. At the Fitur Fair, we got the Community and City Council of Madrid, with very different political signs then, to present a common agenda around the circular economy. At our stand for G’Vine, we emphasised and made the public participate in the brand’s commitment to botanical research. In our piece for the American Hardwood Export Council, we show his commitment to the sustainability of the American forest by using the woods of species that are not usually commercialised and doing it in the same proportion in which the logging must be done so that the forests are maintained naturally.

Our contribution to brand values sometimes involves directly using materials produced by the promoters of temporary spaces, as we have done with Finsa or Sunbrella, among many others. Also, for positioning products in inspiring and significant environments for visitors. Our design for Sala Vip de Arco built huge tables with sofas using more than 300 cutting boards or cushions from the El Corte Inglés catalogue, the sponsor of the space.

We help brands to make the corporate presence natural and well-integrated to achieve a memorable experience; we are present in the spaces when they ask us to explain their philosophy, and we contribute to the planning and implementation of communication plans.

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