Milan (Italy)
Milan Design Week – Finsa

Connective Nature Installation – Fuorisalone Fair ‘60th Edition’

The concept of the CONNECTIVE NATURE exhibition by FINSA was developed in collaboration with the studio of architect Izaskun Chinchilla, renowned for her advocacy for inclusive urban planning, that takes people into consideration in the design of public spaces. The exhibition upholds nature’s ability to reconnect us with our essence, helping us rediscover, through the senses, our place in the world. 

CONNECTIVE NATURE by FINSA proposes an itinerary of eight sensory experiences, with wood and the forest as the common themes:

– The first phase consists of a chair with a special backrest configured as a nest, where you can listen to a bird’s song; a therapy that helps deal with emotional disorders. 

– The second one invites you to compose a beautiful image on a water surface, with geometric shapes inspired by the tangram. 

– The third one encourages us to balance the body with the eyes closed on a swing, to become aware of dynamism. 

– The fourth step aims to generate adrenaline and the intimate connection that comes from telling a secret in a suitable environment.

– The fifth experience presents a grassy area where we can lie down to practise relaxation and regain the security that this position is communicating to us.

– The sixth experience proposes that we recite a haiku; a short poem related to nature, to a person sitting in front of you inside this installation of floral-coloured seats in faded colours. After the reading, you are asked to check how you react by smiling.

– The seventh phase consists of a sofa, composed of inflatable elements that yield unevenly to the weight of each body part. This device encourages us to perceive our own essence through this common meditation practice.

– The last experience culminates in a community connection in which visitors are invited to share a pleasant memory at a round table. This finishing touch obeys the essence of shared memories as unifying elements of communities.

Finally, CONNECTIVE NATURE by FINSA encourages the generation of a collective experience of the entire tour through social networks, using different hashtags during each stage of the exhibition itinerary.

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