Anyang, Seoul (South Korea)
Anyang Public Project – Sunbrella

Bojagi Lounge Pavilion – APAP ‘7th Edition’

An outdoor pavilion for “ZONE 7: Your Imaginary Space”, an Anyang Public Art Project (APAP) that reflects on how circular economy is part of traditional culture, especially female intangible heritage, while celebrates nature and biodiversity. Located in Anyang, a satellite city of Seoul (South Korea) with a population around 600,000.

APAP is a public art event that encourages its participants to reimagine the way they understand and perceive the city. It is a project to transform the city itself into a gallery in which people can enjoy art in their daily life by introducing and presenting context and environment of the changing modern city, such as history, culture, landform, and development of Anyang with various forms of public artworks.

Bojagi is the Korean traditional cloth that is used for covering, wrapping, and carrying any items like household goods, food, and gifts. It can be made of one big fabric, or small pieces of fabric stitched together just like the patchwork. 

Norigae is the Korean traditional knot tassel, an accessory, for women to be hung on hanbok top (jeogori), Korean traditional clothing. This can also be used to make your gift wrapping so much more elegant. Compared with paper, wrapping Bojagi has also the great advantage of being reusable. 

In our proposition we want to present the time we spend in nature as a gift. We are offering an space to read and to listen to birds signing. The elements allowing these actions are wrapped in an outdoor textile, donated by Sunbrella, following some of the Bojagi and Norigae traditions. 

We have designed two main elements: a lamp with speaker and a sofa. Both sofa and lamp consist of 2 inflatable donut and a square made from textile. The square is wrapped around the donut creating a unit. Speaker-lamps are hanging from a structure built around a tree whereas sofas rest in the ground with the support of a plywood CNC cut piece. They form two big rings: one over the ground, one hanging from the structure, surrounding a tree. 

Although the top ring seems to be holding from the tree trunck it is in fact hanging from an auxiliar structure built around it to protect the tree. That structure is composed by 4 ladders joined at the top. The ladders have little shelves, cut in plywood with CNC for book storage.

Two circles in which you can sit, relax and listen to birds singing or read a book of your choice.

This project is supported by: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) and the fabrics brand Sunbrella.

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