Hybrid Building for a Textile Brand

This project has been designed for a Spanish brand in the fashion sector. It is a hybrid building of 135.000m2 of surface where the industrial production of part of the products, the workers’ offices, training and research areas and public programs such as a museum are joined.

For many crafters living in nature is one of the greatest advantages of their job. Also, for many of them nature is the main source for raw ingredients and inspiration. Living within nature is, therefore, an essential piece of craftmanship lifestyle. Crafting is usually a freelance activity that allows living wherever you want and, many times, stop and relax in proximity of nature.

The subdivision of our building in smaller units and the juxtaposition between indoor working spaces and small gardens associated with each of the working environments will allow to recreate this fundamental aspect of craftmanship lifestyle. Workers will indulgent themselves in the pocket gardens and will be eager to try other working posts to be able to rest and recharge in other outdoor spaces. you want and, many times, stop and relax in proximity of nature. Gardens will also promote team building, creating a unique identity for each of the spaces and promoting social links in a relax environment.

Our design will include a set of outdoor canopies that separate the different gardens and piazzas. Our team offers the design of a participatory process for both staff and collaborators to define the use of each of these canopies. The process could be organized in a highly efficient way enabling an online survey that participants could easily reach and answer from their phones in 15 less than minutes time.

We have already done similar online surveys for the project “100 chairs and 3 urban sitting rooms” and for similar staff leaded design process in public institutions such as red.es. In both we were using the software survey legend, allowing interesting tracking and statistics. Our team will be adviced by Emilio Luque, sociologist that has run similar processes for Seguridad Social workers and Lucia Moreno, expert in cognitive accessibility and staff wellness.

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