Integral Accessibility

Our regular collaborators and consultants include comprehensive accessibility experts who ensure that our projects contribute to removing the physical, cognitive, cultural and social barriers imposed by many built environments. We are not a team that simply complies with accessibility regulations, including the mandatory ramps or lifts. We offer a design based on the identification and enhancement of diversity, where the disability label disappears, and we work in a multidisciplinary way to find ways of coexisting that guarantee similar rights and experiences to different users. We have drafted a project for Alcobendas City Council to make its urban art collection accessible, incorporating a series of milestones where digital, haptic and physical information diversifies the channels of access to information about artists and works. The project includes not only redevelopment measures or the construction of landmarks, but also the use of Navilens codes, the drafting of easy-to-read texts and audiovisual material and the redesign of the municipal digital platforms.  For seven of the beaches in the municipality of Santa Pola we are carrying out a comprehensive accessibility project where public toilets are reformed, supervised bathing platforms are integrated or the contrast between pavements is improved, among many other actions. Again, it is not just a matter of guaranteeing compliance with regulations, but of providing differentiated attention to children, families, pregnant women, the elderly, the cognitively impaired and the population without segregating the experience of space.

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