Madrid (Spain)
International Contemporary Art Fair – IFEMA

VIP Room and Food Court – ARCO Fair ‘35th Edition’

Among the multitude of beautiful objects that interior design has provided to the history of Architecture, the folding screen is highlighted as formal and spatial inspiration for our proposal. The VIP room is structured around a series of folding screens that become the leitmotif of the space. They are organized inside the room offering a homely and welcoming character to the space.

Our folding screens do not tell anymore the stories of heroic journeys and scenes in leafy gardens, but the life of contemporary families and their cities. The folding screens are fabricated from domestic objects in a nontraditional way. Many ladders, full of paint drops, form bars and supporting structures. Recycled windows separate rooms and provide privacy.

The VIP room allows us to invite the visitors to a journey: a tribute to worldwide known streets where people still negotiate, talk, rest, and enjoy long lunches. Our project starts with a reception area, offering visitors small terraces that allow visitors to imagine being in Dublin, London, Paris, or Athens. In the middle of the room, in the lounge bar, we are transported to the Middle East to zocos and medinas. And finally, we end the trip in a restaurant that seems to transport us to Bali, a floral, colorful, and cosmopolitan context.

To compose this great collage, we have taken inspiration from many pieces of art, but we wanted to mention Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass particularly. The visual enigma that works of art offers, made possible to imagine a space in which furniture from El Corte Ingles show their ability to recreate almost any kind of environment. Share the rediscovery of the used objects beauty and extend the belief that our imagination can give new life to what is going to be thrown. This is our small contribution to address the ecological crisis of our planet.

It worth not to forget that the goal of all our designs is to create a nice warm and welcoming space. A place where visitors feel as guests of a host who strives to please them. 

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