Madrid (Spain)
Spanish Digital Transformation Ministry

The Cloud – Red.es Headquarters

Red.es is the Spanish state agency guiding institutions, companies, and individuals in the digitalization process. Windows are city relevant elements. Working in front of a nice view makes us feel better and more comfortable. The windows are also a companies business card and show interior activities to the urban space becoming the link between private and public and are also vigilante eyes taking care of the city.

Windows uses the windows metaphor to display and organize the computer information. With this metaphor they try to make the user experience more intuitive. Another advantage is desirability, who wouldn’t want to work facing the sea or with their window open to a beautiful forest. The preset Windows wallpapers connect us with these aspirations.

Our proposal uses this metaphor too. Part of the functional and furniture solutions are integrated into carpentry elements that can be opened or closed like windows and balconies, contributing to the flexibility of the space and associate the physical with the digital world. We want people to connect the digital environment access with something pleasant that can be comfortably done from home.

Unfortunately, a magnificent beach or a beautiful forest cannot be installed outside the building, so we must play building an inner landscape to make the views from our “windows” pleasant and memorable for workers and other users. The project finishings and all the elements included in the design will contribute to recreate a scene where the ‘windows’ seem to float among the clouds. But we will play with a pixelized clouds image connecting once again the physical and the digital. All materials, colour, light and sound conditioning have been curated to create a relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable environment.

As we are users of a co-working space, we have used our knowledge to provide different ways of sitting, allowing the body to take rest in different positions throughout the day to break the habit of sitting in the same position all day.

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