Madrid (Spain)
International Tourism Fair

De curtidores al cielo – FITUR Fair ‘38th Edition’

The proposal pay tribute to the Rastro, one of the most intense visits from the point of view the tourist experience in Madrid.

El Rastro is an outdoor market that is held on Sundays and holidays in the historic center of Madrid, in the popular neighborhood of La Latina. It is a market with more than 400 years of history in which you can find both everyday objects and curious gadgets, all very lively, almost picturesque, wrapped in.

The stand offers a varied and immersive experience as to buy and browse in El Rastro. That’s why the stand is provided with a large public square suitable for events in a central core position. This large central square is wrapped inside and out by a kind of ‘skin’ or enclosing veil in which several exhibition resources are integrated, providing through the color more quality for indoor finishes and an image more comfortable. Among these exhibition resources are the balconies, symbol of openness and permanent memory of the city climate. The stand pays tribute to the inhabitants who truly coddle their balconies many in many of neighborhoods in the old town of Madrid, the Anonymous Madrid, like so many anonymous people who are the best incentive to visit Madrid.

Since the design process, the environmental principles have been included that pretend contribute to the logic called circular economy by using demolition materials as well as street furniture already produced by the City Council of Madrid; by giving a second life to daily objects and using them in other way or by trying that the exhibition resources will be useful for public entities after the fair is over. Also, by renting the required structures and equipment and materials with a low impact when new ones must be used. And finally, by promoting cycling with the use of wheels and other elements as building components bringing out the compromise with the cycling culture in Madrid.

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