Barcelona (Spain)

Clementina Coworking at Gràcia district

Our coworking has been inspired by the Gràcia neighborhood: its rural preexistence, modernist architecture, and Casa Vicens. One of the most evident footprints linked to this inspiration are the traces of ceramic scattered throughout the façade and the interiors. Our team of architects have done exhaustive research to acquire ecological ceramic of easy maintenance but at the same time of great artisanal quality. Pieces of natural aspect have been collected, many times in clay-colored tones that resemble their raw origins. As well, semi-vitrified protections have been applied, making resemblance to the artisan workforce and ceramics fabricated when Gràcia was annexed to Barcelona.

Natural inspiration in our interior spaces is another aspect that links our coworking to the local modernist tradition. Illumination, electrical cables, railing, wall finishes, and way-finding techniques are inspired by the geometry, color, and material logic of trees. Visitors entering the facility will slowly discover all hidden trees throughout the space, inviting others to come and explore as well. However, this connection to nature is not just limited to visual similarities: the overall design has kept high sustainability standards as one of its principal priorities. Many solar panels and passive ventilation techniques have been implemented, drastically lowering energetic requirements with the need of less local electricity and air-conditioning. The staircase, centered in plan, consists of a wide crystal skylight and a solar chiminea that guarantee natural form of air renovation without much noise-pollution.

All these elements, alongside the building’s small scale, are destined to host a select community and establish close ties. They provide a unique interior atmosphere: relaxed, cozy, and naturalistic. Clementina seems to be very far from the productive stress typical of other spots in Barcelona. The secret garden, oriented towards the south, is graced by a clementine tree, giving its name to the project: Clementina. With its richness, this spot completes the offer, ideal for those desiring a space with the conditions for passionate work, and moments of calm and decompression. It is deal for those convinced that understanding innovation requires a return to the roots of what we once were as a community and culture.

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